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ORMELABS is a young French company located near Paris and created in 2010 by Fabrice Maingot, graduate engineer from ENST de Bretagne, expert in RF microwave circuits design with more than 20 years of experience in domains like instrumentation, RFID, automotive or military.

Initially dedicated to development from customer specifications, we propose now a range of products for RF laboratory instrumentation or sub-systems integration for test, maintenance, production or control.

ORMELABS also offers now a range of instrumentation products for laboratories, maintenance and online tests , and modules usable  in laboratory or in subsystems for test, maintenance, production or control.

Our product range, entirely manufactured in France, covers a range of frequency going from DC to more than 10GHz.

Our fields of expertise concentrate around the microwave and RF systems, radiocommunications equipments, and high performances analog/digital functions.

The knowledge of the company thus more particularly crystallized around the following poles :

  • High performance frequency synthesis, using DDS, PLL and fractionnary synthesis.
  • Programmable attenuators, in GaAs, PIN diode, electromechanical or MEMS technology.
  • RF / microwave lumped or planar filters, using microstrip, stripline or triplate technologies, and digitally controlled variable filters.
  • Antennas’s conception.
  • Digital data or analog transmission systems and wireless sensors providing short, middle or long range, notably in UHF ISM bands (433.9MHz, 868 MHz, 2.45 GHz)
  • Long range contactless identification systems (RFID) in microwave ISM bands (2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz).

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