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postheadericon RF Signal generators SYM series

  • From  25/35/140 MHz to 4,4 / 6 / 13 GHz

  • From -60 to + 20 dBm

  • Pulse modulation

  • Internal / external reference

  • USB, I2C, SPI, UART interfaces

  • High stability +/- 2.5 ppm

SYM modules are a very wideband / low noise family of RF synthesizer, providing many unprecedented features in their volume and price range. Some references are available in 2 versions, the first coming with mini B type USB, providing supply to the module SYM4400-USB(SYM44xx-USB and SYM6025-USB), and the second coming with serial asynchronous bus, I2C or SPI interface (SYM4435-DBH), what makes it very easy to integrate in a wide range of applications.

SYM4435-DBH module accepts single voltage power supply with a very wide 6 to 25 V voltage range.

On / off pulse modulation is also available as standard on USB modules, allowing fast signals through very short rise and fall times (typ. 25ns), and also External 20 to 100 MHz reference input.

Powered by a powerful ARM7 32 bits micro-controller, they react fast to control commands and can also work without an host thanks to an internal EEPROM memory and the possibility to store a number of discrete frequencies that can be programmed with a precise timing.

Output level can be set with 1 dB steps in 30 to 50 dB of dynamic ranges, and max output levels ranging from -10 dBm to +20 dBm.

SYM44xx/ 6025 synthesizer modules will ideally come as a replacement for laboratory synthesizers to integrate in production test benches, in multi-carriers test equipments, or as local oscillator sources.

Compared to the other modules available on the market, ORMELABS SYM series modules offer many advantages :

Typical phase noise_SYM4400USB

  • Large output dynamic range
  • Precise and factory calibrated output power (+/-0.5 dB typical)
  • Low harmonic level on all the bandwidth  (thanks to sophisticated filtering) : -30 dBc

SYM4400-DB25 can be provided optionally with a DB25/USB type A interface cable, equipped with a female supply connector jack and a 12V mains adaptor.

SYM6025-USB SYM6025-USB modules provide even wider frequency range, wide output level dynamic range of  -40 to +10 dBm, and a very low phase noise. Besides, they offer 2 additionnal power measurement inputs having 60 dB dynamic range up to 6 GHz (usable up to 8 GHz), allowing namely to perform scalar network measurement S11 and S21 on quadripoles (antennas, filters, amplifiers …).

Download data sheet : SYM4400 (PDF) ; SYM6025-USB (pdf)

Download user manual : SYM4400 (PDF)

Frequency range35..4400 MHz140..4400 MHz35..4400 MHz50..2200 MHz25..6000 MHz
Frequency step1 kHz1 kHz1 kHz1 kHz1 kHz
Output level-60...-10 dBm-20...+10 dBm-20...+10 dBm-5...+20 dBm-40...+10 dBm
Phase noise-100 dBc @ 100kHz offset from carrier, at 1 GHz-100 dBc @ 100kHz offset from carrier, at 1 GHz-100 dBc @ 100kHz offset from carrier, at 1 GHz-100 dBc @ 100kHz offset from carrier, at 1 GHz<-110 dBc @ 100kHz offset from carrier, at 1 GHz
Frequency stability+/- 2.5 ppm+/- 2.5 ppm+/- 2.5 ppm+/- 2.5 ppm+/- 2.5 ppm
Harmonics< -30 dBc (F > 100 MHz)
< -20 dBc (F <= 100 MHz)
< -30 dBc (F > 250 MHz)
< -20 dBc (F <= 250 MHz)
< -30 dBc (F > 100 MHz)
< -20 dBc (F <= 100 MHz)
< -30 dBc (F > 100 MHz)
< -20 dBc (F <= 100 MHz)
< -30 dBc (F > 100 MHz)
< -20 dBc (F <= 100 MHz)
Switching time< 1 ms< 1 ms< 1 ms< 1 ms< 1 ms
Temperature range-40..+80°C-40..+80°C-40..+80°C-40..+80°C-40..+80°C
InterfacesSerial TTL, I2C, SPI USB type mini BUSB type mini BUSB type mini BUSB type mini B
Power supply6..25 Vdc, 200 mA
5V dc, 200 mA5V dc, 200 mA5V dc, 300 mA5V dc, 700 mA

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