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postheadericon Semiconductor analyser AS4002P

AS4002PThe AS4002P permits the analysis of an impressive number of active components. Just insert a device in the integrated socket or plug it using the pincer clip adapter, and the instrument instantly displays its pinout and a great number of measured parameters (like gain, leakage current, saturation current, voltage drop, etc..). Used to recognize a component with unknown or erased marking, to pair semiconductors or to save time searching for data-sheets, the AS4002P
will soon become the favorite companion in any electronics laboratory.

Dowload Data Sheet : AS4002P (PDF)

Download User Manual : User_manual_AS4002P_eng.pdf

AS4002P Features

Tested componentsBipolar transistors, JFET, MOSFET, UJT, Thyristors, Triacs, diodes, optocouplers.
Measured parametershfe, Vbe, Ib, Iceo, Ic (NPN, PNP)
Idss, Rdson (JFET)
Rbb, n (UJT)
Direct voltage/current, leakage current (diodes)
CTR, direct voltage/current (opto)
Supply9V battery, external supply 7..15Vdc
Temperature range0.. 50°C
Autonomy10 h (about 2500 measures)

AS4002P :

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Prix : 80,27 € ht (96 € ttc)

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Package contents :

  • AS4002P unit
  • min-pincers cable
  • 9V battery
  • Full featured documentation on mini-CD

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