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OrmeLabs products are professional instruments, designed and developed in France by very experienced engineers issued from world leader instrumentation companies, offering costly instruments perfomances at affordable prices thanks to carefully minded choices:

  • Use of current components but with proven reliability
  • Rational use of complex components, using them at the utmost of their best possibilities
  • Using off the shelf housings to avoid moulding costs
  • Direct online sale to avoid intermediate costs

OrmeLabs products are constantly designed for best environmental care, from development to distribution, through manufacturing and marketing:

  • Minimal power consumption
  • Lead free manufacturing (RoHS)
  • Choosing nature-friendly subcontractors and partners (ex. : LogikEco label for flyers, posts and advertising plates)
  • Use of recyclable and/or biodegradable packing
  • User manuals on mini-CD to minimise paper and inks
  • Direct online sales to minimise carbon emissions during transport

  • Made in France

Product Range

Frequency synthesizers SYM4400
Programmable attenuators
Semiconductor analyser
8 GHz counter
LCR meter

Several instruments are available as kits at the MW Instruments website: