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Softwares for help in RF/microwave design: Microwave Tools

Microwave Tools is a set of tools aiming to help in designing RF and microwave electronics circuits by the use of an interactive Smith chart. It is a precious auxiliary for development engineers, and a major asset for education.

It notably helps to graphically construct a circuit starting from a given impedance, or from the best matching impedance of an active device described by its S parameters (S2P file).

The matchings can be done manually, using a whole panel of elements (discrete components, transmission lines, stubs, …) or semi automatically while following one of the predefined matching modes (highpass or lowpass LC, Pi or Tee types, simple or double stubs, …)

The equivalent schematics are displayed on a separate windowfor a better understanding. Apart from this,the chart offers numerous practical features : zooming, admittance chart, dynamical display of several parameters (reflection coefficient, equivalent component, VSWR, …), undo and redo, …

The working frequency can be either fixed or adjustable, and can in this last case be swept automatically in in a given range, what allows to see impedances variations inside circuit according to frequency.

A passive filter synthesis tool allows to design high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-cut filters with Butterworth, Tchebychev, Bessel or elliptical responses…

The other tools from the suite are notably a microstrip line calculator, a complex number calculator, a passive devices calculator (attenuators, power dividers, couplers,…)

The Microwave Tools software can be set to english or french langages. It is available in free evaluation version with reduced functionalities.

Acheter Microwave Tools V2.00 complète

Download Microwave Tools in demo version (.exe) :

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