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postheadericon LFM1010 Low frequency monitor

10 Hz to 100kHz, electrical and magnetical fieldsLFM1010

The electrical and magnetic field monitor LFM1010 allows easy and precise measurement of low frequency fields generated by electrical equipments and lines. Its wide frequency range going from 10 Hz to 100 kHz include perturbations directly generated from 50/60 Hz mains and its harmonics, but also higher frequency signals generated by switching power supplies, microprocessors instruments, or fluorescent bulbs.

Hand held and ergonomic through innovating new features, it allows to quickly discover perturbations sources and helps in finding solutions.

Among its numerous features :

  • Simple display of electrical /magnetic fields, or simultaneous.
  • Simultaneous display of detected signal frequency
  • Acoustic signal function relative to measured level, allowing to find sources without keeping an eye on the display
  • Integrated 1 kHz low pass switchable filter, allowing to distinguish easily different kinds of perturbations.
  • Programmable alarm threshold (even with instrument in standby mode)
  • Dosimeter function, integrating fields received in time, and usable even in standby mode.

This instrument will find a huge application field among professionals designing equipments and willing to keep at their lowest the level of perturbations generated by them, or for private use in order to make sure about the quality of ones home or workplace. It will be a precious ally when finding out the influence of a high voltage power line, or when trying to optimize the cabling of an electrical installation.

Examples of applications :

  • Healthy living / biocompatible
  • High-end hotels or cottages
  • Electronics laboratories
  • Real Estate diagnosis
  • EMC conformance testing
  • Electrical Installations

Data-sheet : LFM1010.pdf

Measured parametersElectric field (E)
Magnetic field (H)
Range of measurementE field: 0.1 to 10000 V/m
H field: 1 to 10000 nT
Frequency range10 Hz to 100 kHz
Additional featuresMeasurement of perturbating frequency.
1 kHz switchable ow pass filter.
Display lighting
Audio signal (acoustical feedback)
Adjustable alarm level.
Dosimeter function (level integration)
Standby mode measurement (alarm/dosimeter)
Adjustable averaging
Battery level indicator
Power supply2 x AA type batteries
Temperature range0 to 50°C
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Price : 116 € ( no VAT included) (139.2 € ttc for french customers)

Availability :  1 to 2 weeks.